Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well this is sort of new to me but starting off a project like this is something I,ve been wanting to do for a while.Well you all know of the Reproduction Spitfire we are building but this blog is for the designwork going into the project.
This is not a reimagined,or teched up/modernised Spitfire.This is as faithful as we can get it to Mitchells genius as we can get.All measurements,shapes,materials are Spitfire down as close as we can get it.Tracing is being used in some instances but all scaled off known measurements.
Things will go through gradual updating as more info comes aboard as parts become available.The problem..I doubt of the odd 22,000 Spitfires built that any two are the same..Why?Even though they came off an assembly line everyone of them was virtually a handbuilt creation.Oh yes some jigs were used but the majoritory of the structure was drilled off the part next to it.Also having multiple factories using multiple subcontractors added to the problem.
So the idea is to try 'Standardise" a Spitfire in 3D using the worlds design software.These include CAD,ProDesktop,Solidworks,Shade,Rhino and maybe a couple of others.
All in all this will be a showcase of as much of the internals of the Spitfire as we can get.And no I am not alone.There are quite a few guys that I will try get (blackmail,bribe,beg) to contribute to the cause..
Till I get all the screenies sorted..Here,s to a wonderful dream of having these girls flying forever..

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