Friday, April 9, 2010

Anatomy of the Spitfire

Starting with Frame5 which is the Spitfires engine firewall assembly and wing front attachment point.The lower assembly is made up of a front and rear web,spaced out with aluminium spacers and C section brackets.On the front and back are the wing main spar attach spars.There are two upper and two lower spars.
Up the top is the engine firewall which is a sandwich of two thin sheets of .022" aluminium and a 3mm sheet of asbestos or fireproof board..Mounted to the firewall are the various parts and brackets like the hydraulic tank,filters and other fittings for the Merlin.

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  1. Hi, Im greatly interested on your project and I wouldnt mind doing the same, well 3d Modelling that is.

    It seems very hard to find a complete detailed technical drawings of each parts of the plane itself (although there a numerous images of the profiles on the internet available).

    I Curious to learn more about the plane and in doing to, understand each parts and what their functions are for, And to me, to do this, would be a careful study and 3d modelling each parts (using BLENDER 3D software)

    I was wondering if you could help.. perhaps starting with the plan of Frame 5?

    Thanks in advance, Matt (