Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frame 8

Update time again.This is Frame 8 which every Spit lover will know as the one below the instrument panel.Actually the instrument panel sits back a bit from the aft edge of frame 8 by about 40mm.
The frame is in 4 main sections,port forward,port aft,starboard forward and starboard aft,These are joined together by buttstraps at the bottom and the compass mount plate at the top.Joining fwd to aft is by c channel brackets that radiate around the frame and by a coaming that wraps around the internal shape.At the top is a capping strip where the Blind Flying panel mounts bolt to.On the webs are the kigass primer,fuel tank selector and pulleys for the Uc locking cables.On the forward side up top is the bracket for the fuel tank bracing tubes.The compass bracket also bolts up and is offset to one side.Think this is to give a pilot a better look as the control column would block the view.At the bottom is the diaphragm attachments for the control column and rudderbar heel assembly.

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