Sunday, September 19, 2010

Frame 9 and control box

Frame 9 sits just in front of the pilots seat and is fairly complicated as it is the centre structure for the Spitfires control column and rudderpedal assembly.
The assembly consists of three hatsections,one at the bottom and the other two for the port,starboard vertical members.These are 1.5" x 1.5" width and height with a .6" flange out of 20guage aluminium.The tricky part is that the section is twisted slightly due to the curvature of the Spitfires fuselage at that point.
This assembly is diagonally braced with "squared off round tube" of 1"x1"x .036".At the centre are two vertical channels.These are to provide strength for the aileron control drum mounting.Further out are two more channels.These hold a spherical,self centering bearing for the rudder bar slides to move through.
The control box starts at Frame 7 and continues through to Frame9 at its rear using diaghragm members and bracing of 1" and 3/4" square tube.At the front the assembly holds the Spitfires rudderbar which pivots on plates mounted off the F7 diaghrams and longditudal bracing for the pilots heelboards.Just behind F8 sits the second set of diaghrams and bracing of which the pilots control column sits.This pivots in two blocks mounted on the bracing assembly..

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